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On the road back to Hawthorne last week, the oldest cliche in the books applied: it really was a lonely, dark and rainy night. But it didn't start out that way.  Blue skies can be deceptive during this era of climate change, so before you set out on a long drive, ALWAYS check your local weather report.  Unfortunately I did not, and so I found myself gripping the steering wheel and holding my breath on an isolated mountain road.

Carmen Cicero,Truro Nights, 2005
Courtesy June Kelly Gallery, NYC

Star Bright, Tail Light
I love nature.  So when I traveled north this past weekend to attend my college reunion in New England, I took the scenic route through the Berkshire Mountains. Beautiful in the daylight, these dense forests turn foreboding at night.  Because I was filled with the joy at seeing old friends, time flew by and at dusk a light rain had started to fall.  Although the hour was later than I planned, I was confident I could retrace my way home.

Breathe Easy
You see, my car sported a new set of tires after a pre-trip inspection revealed a sidewall air bubble in one of my old worn tires. The purring of my X/C 70 engine reassured, me even when the wind whistled and lightning flashed.  My new windshield wipers were a comfort too. There were no other cars on the road that night, except one lone pickup truck whose tail lights became a welcome lodestar on my solitary ride home. 
The moral of the story?
Check the weather report before you leave on your sunny holiday, and utilize our pre-trip coupon for added peace of mind. The service team at Paul's stands behind you.

Get Road-Ready!
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