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  • Wassim Bakkar, Paul's Master Technician

    Wassim comes to Paul's with many years automotive experience on a variety of cars. He's friendly and quick to smile.

  • Diane Korzinski, Dealer

    Diane is our Co-President has worked at Paul's for 30 years. Her intelligence, creativity and warmth makes her a great leader.

  • Mohammad Jaber, Parts Representative

    Mohammad is a parts expert! He is smart and eager to help. He takes care that you get the right part or accessory for your car. He is a valued member of the Paul's community.

  • Andrews Quenor, Technologist

    Andrews has been here 15 years and does a lot at Paul's Volvo- from managing the Ebay Store to driving customers home while their car is being serviced. If the computers fail or get confused he's our go to guy. Andrews cheerful, thoughtful and steady presence is valued by all who work at Paul's.

  • Denisse Tipacti, Service Advisor

    Denisse has been with Paul's 12 years. Her patient and cheerful manner makes dropping your car off and picking it up at Paul's a breeze!

  • Jerry Healy, Pre-Owned Manager

    Jerry has been with us for 34 years. He appraises your car for trade in value, keeps our lot and the cars on it in tip-top shape, and is alway happy to lend a hand where needed.

  • Pat Rathbun, Sales Manager

    Pat our retired sales manager of 40 years recently passed away. His quick wit and out going personality will be missed.

  • Charles Lawrence, Grounds keeper, Interior Design ,Wizard

    Charles has been keeping the green things growing at Paul's for many years. He also is responsible for our stylish and contemporary appearance and is our assistant event coordinator.

  • Paul J. Korzinski, Jr., Dealer

    Here is Paul our Co-President with his wife Anne. Paul has been with Paul's for 30 years and is eager to help you with your automotive needs.

  • Ismael Lozano, Paul's Technician

    Ismael ("Ish") comes to us from Lincoln Tech and is a skilled and reliable technician. He is always eager to learn and to lend a helping hand! We are pleased to have him as part of the team.

  • Mike Bufis, Service Consultant

    Mike Bufis is a Master Level technician who acts as our service consultant. When making an appointment or asking a tough technical question he is the person you are probably speaking with! Knowledgeable and friendly he will be happy to talk with you about your Volvo!!

  • James Addie, Parts and Service Rep

    "Jimmy" moves from parts to service with ease. He can make a service appointment or sell you the correct oil filter for your car. We are glad to have him here,.

  • John Del Buono, Aftersales Relationship Manager

    After your car is serviced we like to check in to make sure you're happy.  This is the guy who calls you. John loves to listen. He's also an expert on service contracts and new Volvo product. He's also a nice guy. (he didn't want me to write that but he really is).

  • Tomasz Gruca, Paul's Master Technician and Parts Manager

    Tom has been with us many, many years and is a Certified Volvo Master Technician, A.S.E Certified Master Technician, and a Paul's Certified Master Technician. Trained in Europe and the U.S.A. there is little about the Volvo he does not know and he happily shares this knowledge with his fellow technicians. If you visit our parts department he will make sure you are getting the right part!!

  • Ahmad Chaban, Master Technician

    Ahmad has been with us for many years and brings an enormous amount of automotive experience to the shop. He is always quick to lend a helping hand to his co-workers and knows how to keep a Volvo running its best

  • James Damstra, Sevice Manager

    Jim has been here over 30 years and knows Volvo's very well. His patient, courteous and fair demeanor has won him many long term Volvo customers.

  • Chris Corrigan, Sales Associate

    Chris has been with Paul's for over 20 years . He makes the car buying process simple and easy

  • Byram Shej, Shop Foreman

    Another long time staff member at Paul's. He is a Volvo Certified Master Technician and an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician. Byram brings a vast amount of technical knowledge to the shop. He is always helpful to the younger technicians as well as being a great technician.

  • Ramon Gigante, Paul's Master Technician

    Another long time member of the Paul' community. Ramon brings an expertise that only years of experience can earn. He, too, will help keep your Volvo running for many years and miles!

  • Eric Towers, Technician

    Eric is our newest (and when we say new we mean less than 5 years) technician and has already shown us a great technical capacity. Eric's work is overseen by a Paul's Master Technician and is on his way to becoming a Paul's Master Techncian.

  • Alon Katende, Sales Associate

    Alon comes to us from Uganda and  has been here over 7 years and has a great knowledge of the Volvo product and the various financial options to you to help make your Volvo affordable.