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Volvo invents a new way to power its new twin-engine T8 XC90

The best things in life really are free. Today, Volvo premiered its new "Highway Robbery" spot, aimed at highlighting the capabilities of its all-new twin-engine T8 XC90. This new XC90 represents a paradigm shift for Volvo and the auto industry. Being the first seven-seat, plug-in hybrid to hit market carries with it a lot of expectation. 

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Volvo C30 Reaches Full Charge in Under Three Hours

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, automakers are rushing to be the first to refine and perfect them. Volvo recently ended a successful study in which it tested a number of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles. One of these systems has the ability to fully charge the new, all-electric Volvo C30 in less than three hours.

Volvo describes the new charging system with words such as "safe," "effective," and "comfortable." The system…

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Volvo Expands V60 PHEV Production Thanks to Huge Demand in Europe

Smashing goals, either personal, or business-related is a wonderful feeling. At Paul's Volvo, we're guessing that Volvo is high-fiving like crazy right now. Why? Because one of their newer models, the V60 plug-in hybrid (PHEV), has shattered expectations, leading to an increase in production for next year.

The new, fuel efficient model that can run for 32 miles on a single electric charge sold out of all 1,000 of the units made…

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