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Your back will love the Volvo XC60

Style and comfort are two things Volvo understands and they outdid themselves with the 2015 Volvo XC60, a crossover with plenty of Swedish charm and seats that are incredibly comfortable.

If you're a commuter who spends long hours in traffic or you frequently take road trips out of state then you'll appreciate their design that even a chiropractor would appreciate.

As AutoTrader tells us, there is more than just the seats to get excited about, but we like that Volvo designers and stylists took driver comfort into consideration, because what is the point of driving a beautiful vehicle…

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Got Kids? No Problem, Says the Volvo XC60

At some point, every family reaches the moment where they have to choose between a functional family-style vehicle or something more luxurious and appealing. This is often when families make the choice to go with the dreaded "minivan" or "mom van." For some reason, we are under the impression that every family needs a van in order to raise their kids. Wrong. At Paul's Volvo we're going to prove that to you by…

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