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Something to Celebrate

     On Monday,  June 9th, the Hawthorne Environmental Commission will honor Paul Korzinski, Sr., for incorporating environmental practices and values into his business model.
     Paul has long viewed the world through a green lens.  As board member and past president of Paul's Volvo, he has served on Volvo's environmental committee and on an ad-hoc solar energy group as well.
    The dealership that is located at the corner of Goffle Road and Lafayette Avenue has seen many makes and models roll through its doors for almost a century.
    The shop and showroom were renovated in 2007 to reflect Paul's…
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The Workhorse is No Sleeping Beauty

Your Battery Never Sleeps
Winter weather puts an extra strain on your car's battery.  Even when your car is parked, it is working to maintain the electrical systems that keep your car running smoothly. When you car sits for a long period of time without running, it drains the battery. If your battery is dead your car can shut down completely.  You can't even unlock your car with the remote!
So check the…
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Slippery When Wet

The fall in N.J. looks gorgeous but it has its special risks- slippery leaves can be as treacherous as glare ice!Image

Patches of wet leaves, caused by frost, morning dew, or recent rain, need to be approached with caution. Slow down before you get to them in case you have to brake.

Adequate tread on your tires shortens your stopping distance. Prior to the change of seasons, check the condition of the treads to…

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