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Volvo Gives Safety a Whole New Meaning

Here at Paul's Volvo we have always been impressed by Volvo's dedication to safety. And now that it is working towards a future devoid of car crashes, we are more impressed than ever. How is Volvo planning to eliminate car accidents? Watch the video below to find out.

As you can see, the future of road safety is pretty impressive. These vehicles use computers, lasers, and other great technology to monitor their surroundings…

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Volvo Pilots Slippery Road Alert in Scandinavia

Here in Hawthorne, NJ we are no strangers to winter storms. While we try not to be out on the roads in these conditions, it's certainly comforting to know that we have cars like new Volvo models to keep us and our loved ones safe. Now, Volvo is going the extra mile to keep us safe with Slippery Road Alert. Check out how it works on the roads in the video clip below!


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Volvo's Goal: No Car Collisions in 2020.

Collisions in traffic are inevitable. No matter how safe a driver you are, there are thousands of people on the road. Some may be tired, or distracted by a cellular phone. Even drunk.

We're human. We don't have eyes on the backs of our heads, as much as we'd like our kids to think we do. We can react fast enough to everything that could happen. So how is it that Volvo…

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Got Kids? No Problem, Says the Volvo XC60

At some point, every family reaches the moment where they have to choose between a functional family-style vehicle or something more luxurious and appealing. This is often when families make the choice to go with the dreaded "minivan" or "mom van." For some reason, we are under the impression that every family needs a van in order to raise their kids. Wrong. At Paul's Volvo we're going to prove that to you by…

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Lost and Found

It's not your grandfather's car key.

Play it Again, Sam...
In fact, those cars featuring keyless entry boast a Personal Car Communicator! Let's name her Samantha, in honor of the virtual heroine voiced by Scarlett Johansson in the movie Her. Call it anything you like -- key, remote, PCC -- you do need one to enter and operate your car.
Scarlett Johansson is Her.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
First the good news: Your car is virtually impossible to steal.
Next the bad news: The hi-tech keys that frustrate thievery are costly to enlace. Anyone who has…
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Volvo Adaptive Digital Display Adapts To Your Driving Style

At Paul's Volvo in Hawthorne, NJ we try to make each and every customer experience second-to-none by providing friendly, courteous and timely Volvo sales, service and support. Volvo Cars also strives to make driving and owning a new Volvo vehicle as simple and enjoyable as we make the process of purchasing one. A new video from Volvo helps show the new Adaptive Digital Display system which can be customized to adapt to you driving…

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Too Close for Comfort

Button, button who's got the button?
During this busy holiday season, save yourself a visit or a phone call to our service department by learning about the keyless entry system found on some of the newer models.
If your Volvo has an "i" on the keypad you have the Personal Car Communicator (PCC) option.
It's a great feature but sometimes we get calls from people having trouble locking their cars--click on the video below to find out why.

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Volvo Creates Innovative Hybrid Battery System

Let's face it: the batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles are rather clunky and expensive. Even with improvements in weight and cost over the past few years, there's got to be a better solution, right? Automaker Volvo certainly thinks so! The brand recently created a new system to power electric vehicles, and it's quite intriguing.

Utilizing a standard Volvo S80, Volvo built a vehicle that grabs its power from carbon fiber panels…

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Volvo Reveals Specs for Drive-E Engines

At Paul's Volvo, our collection of Volvo vehicles provide drivers with efficient, luxurious, and safe rides, and moving forward in to a new era, that's not going to change. Many ardent Volvo fans know about the many changes coming from the Swedish automaker, and today, we'd like to detail one part, found under the hood.

New engines, built using the Drive-E philosophy, which hopes to gain more efficiency by using lighter, and…

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Volvo Shoots Video on the Go with Custom XC60

To capture the amazingness of all new Volvo vehicles, and showcase them to the world, you need cameras, and a crack team of video experts. Volvo has both, and to make sure they get the best footage possible, they have an amazing custom rig that we have to share with drivers in Hawthorne, NJ.

It's a six-wheeled off-roader that has a long bed, tripods, harnesses, and camera gear attached along the back, and a…

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