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Electric cars and hybrids -- including several forthcoming from Volvo -- offer the hope of a greener future. But that's the future. 'Til then, oil remains the lifeblood of most cars on the road today.
So how can we reconcile our need for oil with the environmental needs of all?

Things have changed since James Dean discovered oil in Giant

Today there are many different grades of oil. We use Volvo's recommended brand: Castrol. This past year, we altered our pricing policy to reflect the quantity and grade of oil we put in your vehicle. Do you know how…
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Volvo Creates Innovative Hybrid Battery System

Let's face it: the batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles are rather clunky and expensive. Even with improvements in weight and cost over the past few years, there's got to be a better solution, right? Automaker Volvo certainly thinks so! The brand recently created a new system to power electric vehicles, and it's quite intriguing.

Utilizing a standard Volvo S80, Volvo built a vehicle that grabs its power from carbon fiber panels…

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Volvo Reveals Specs for Drive-E Engines

At Paul's Volvo, our collection of Volvo vehicles provide drivers with efficient, luxurious, and safe rides, and moving forward in to a new era, that's not going to change. Many ardent Volvo fans know about the many changes coming from the Swedish automaker, and today, we'd like to detail one part, found under the hood.

New engines, built using the Drive-E philosophy, which hopes to gain more efficiency by using lighter, and…

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