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Something to Celebrate

     On Monday,  June 9th, the Hawthorne Environmental Commission will honor Paul Korzinski, Sr., for incorporating environmental practices and values into his business model.
     Paul has long viewed the world through a green lens.  As board member and past president of Paul's Volvo, he has served on Volvo's environmental committee and on an ad-hoc solar energy group as well.
    The dealership that is located at the corner of Goffle Road and Lafayette Avenue has seen many makes and models roll through its doors for almost a century.
    The shop and showroom were renovated in 2007 to reflect Paul's…
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Practice Makes Perfect

Since spring --they claim -- is in the air, it's time to take a walk.

Off We Go
For starters, stroll around your car and inspect the tires. Be on the lookout for air bubbles in their sidewalls, especially if you've experienced a slight shimmy in your steering. These egg-sized blisters indicate irreparable damage, and the wheel itself may be dented as well. Blame winter's record-setting pothole problems, and replace that tire for…
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Salt Never Sleeps

When winter waves goodbye at last, say hello to some crucial spring cleaning.

Low Sodium
For most folks, a car represents a sizable investment. To protect its value, do your automobile and your blood pressure a favor - opt for low salt. Over the long term, sodium chloride constitutes an insidious road hazard that hides in plain sight. Celebrate winter's end by driving to your favorite car wash to rinse away all the salt that's accumulated on your undercarriage. Like the arrival of spring, the sooner the better!

Seeing is Believing
Today Car Fax records any police addict reports…
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Lost and Found

It's not your grandfather's car key.

Play it Again, Sam...
In fact, those cars featuring keyless entry boast a Personal Car Communicator! Let's name her Samantha, in honor of the virtual heroine voiced by Scarlett Johansson in the movie Her. Call it anything you like -- key, remote, PCC -- you do need one to enter and operate your car.
Scarlett Johansson is Her.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
First the good news: Your car is virtually impossible to steal.
Next the bad news: The hi-tech keys that frustrate thievery are costly to enlace. Anyone who has…
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Free AdvICE

When you consider parking alongside the next big snow bank—or worse still, riding over it – recall the cautionary example of Edward John Smith. 

Q: Who is he?

Clue #1: The statue

Today Smith’s stone countenance gazes across a park in Litchfield, England; but on April 15, 1912, he watched his dream vanish.


Clue #2: What kind of lettuce is this?


Clue #3: “And as the smart ship grew,

In stature, grace, and hue…

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Winter Witchcraft

With the onset of major winter storms, it's time to practice some winter witchcraft in order to make the snow on your car vanish!
Step 1--Go for the Nanook Look  
Diane with a Snow Broom

Sporting the proper  winter gear makes all the comfort difference in the world.
Snow boots, warm coat, hat and gloves are a must!  When you dress for the occasion,
clearing your car of snow and ice can actually be fun.
Step2--Get the Right Tool for the Job
To help you make snow disappear, Paul's  just got a supply of snow brooms in stock…
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Because so many drivers are distracted and rushed when the old year winds up to its frenzied, departing pitch, holiday driving can be very challenging. We advise you to be particularly mindful during this festive but dangerous season. And so we encourage you to turn off your cell phone and really pay attention to the road and to the other drivers around you. Give yourself the gift of a Silent Night.

Nose so Bright
And do keep in mind that tipsy holiday drivers may not be the only ones sporting a bright red nose. Watch out for a surprise appearance…
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Just say No

When hard, crusty snow accumulates on the roof of your car, your first impulse may be to chop away at it.  Don't!  Sunroofs can break.  We all know that New Jersey state laws require us to clear the roof of snow before driving the vehicle, but it's definitely  better to pause before you pound. 

So too, resist the temptation to clear snow from your windows by hitting the power window switch.  These small motors can burn out. Better to wait till the car has thawed a bit and then gently sweep the snow off your vehicle.  The same…
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This Little Light of Mine

Fire & Ice
It's been a long, tough slough. Trudging to your car you saw it was covered with snow and ice. You reached for your remote in order to unlock the door, and discovered that your battery died in the cold. So you'll have to open the car manually. You reach for your metal key, only to find that all the locks are frozen shut. How could water get in there, you wonder. Could it have been the recent car wash? More urgently, what's to be done about it? A de-icer springs to mind, but no, since…
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Too Close for Comfort

Button, button who's got the button?
During this busy holiday season, save yourself a visit or a phone call to our service department by learning about the keyless entry system found on some of the newer models.
If your Volvo has an "i" on the keypad you have the Personal Car Communicator (PCC) option.
It's a great feature but sometimes we get calls from people having trouble locking their cars--click on the video below to find out why.

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