The Volvo XC90 Comes with Robust Power

In our modern day and age, what it means for a car to have power is constantly changing. For example, instead of cars merely having strong horsepower, more models on the market are incorporating things such as powerful speakers and outlets into their models. The Volvo XC90 does this well, understanding its role as a popular luxury SUV in the market.

For example, the car is filled with 12V Power Outlets throughout its interior, being in both the luggage area and the rear console. This allows you to not only charge your devices on the go but also plug in any grills or cooling devices for the perfect tailgating afternoon!

If you want more power, you'll be delighted to know that the car's impressive Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound setup has over 1100W of power! Want to hear and see it all in person? Come on down to Paul’s Volvo and test drive a Volvo XC90 today!

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