Listen to Your Brakes

Brakes are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle. Drivers must stop when needed and sometimes suddenly to avoid collisions. Like every part of your vehicle, owners must inspect their brakes and make sure that the drums or rotors, pads, and fluid lines all work well. Most manufacturers recommend brake inspections once or twice per year along with tire rotations.

When braking seems difficult, slower than expected, or when braking produces unusual noises, then you should take your vehicle to a repair facility for an inspection. Listening to your brakes is an excellent way to detect early signs of excessive wear.

Like all other vehicle fluids, owners must check and top-off the brake fluid on a regular basis. Leaking brake fluid is a sign of problems. Soft brake pedals can also indicate fluid pressure issues. You must rely upon brakes for driving safety; owners should check their brakes regularly.

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