This is How You Pack Roadside Emergency Kits

Your roadside emergency kit should at the least contain the following items.

  • Blankets and some bottled water will keep you and the passengers warm and hydrated in case you are stuck in the vehicle waiting for help to arrive in the colder weather or overnight.
  • Keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle just in case anyone is injured and you need to take action until help arrives.
  • The one thing you should have in your roadside emergency kit in the event you break down at night is a good flashlight and plenty of new batteries.
  • Jumper cables are the key to you getting fast help in the event that your battery dies and you are stranded hoping for a jump-start.

Now that you have your roadside emergency kit ready to go, visit our service center at Paul’s Volvo and the crew will schedule your maintenance checks for the year to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

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