Why Does My Tire Pressure Light Keep Coming On?

Checking tire pressure is something we often forget to do unless we get a flat tire or actually notice a flat tire. With the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) located on most newer vehicles, we tend to check it even less. What happens if the light keeps coming on? Stop at Paul’s Volvo and let us check over your vehicle and give you the answers you need.

Despite the efficiency and convenience of the TPMS, sometimes the light will appear to come on for no reason. This could be due to cold overnight temperatures. The light should go off in a few minutes. Hot temperatures can also cause fluctuations in air pressure. Your tire may have a puncture.

Whether you want assistance in checking your tire pressure, need other automotive services or just have some concerns, the service technicians in our service center located in Hawthorne are here to help. Stop and see us today.

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