The Volvo S60 Dynamic Trim Overview

What makes the Volvo S60 Dynamic a popular compact luxury sedan? Take a look at these trim options to see why drivers are raving about this year's vehicle.

One of the unique trim designs in the Volvo S60 Dynamic are the Active Dual Xenon headlights. These headlights can be seen for quite a distance, helping to turn heads but also making your ride safer too. In inclement weather, these headlights will light the way while making it easier for oncoming traffic to spot you and avoid a collision.

The Volvo S60 Dynamic also has bright metal with fine geometric patterns throughout the interior that give the Volvo S60 Dynamic a three-dimensional effect. To make the pattern more visible, a satin finish is used to help give the vehicle that sleek design.

Want to get a closer look at the Volvo S60 Dynamic, stop by Paul’s Volvo for a test drive today.

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