Suspension Service

In addition to routine maintenance you need to have periodically performed on your vehicle such as oil changes, topping off fluid and having an alignment performed, you should have things like your suspension checked and serviced if need be. Your suspension on your vehicle is a number of different parts of your vehicle such as the tires, springs, shock absorbers and so on. Basically all of the items that keep your vehicle on the road and helps your overall vehicle handling.

Any of these items may need to be serviced in order for your vehicle to protect its overall integrity. If you are driving around on damaged tires, if your shocks are worn down or if your tires are low on air, you could be swapping a very minor maintenance item for some much more serious damage that can occur as a result of this neglect over a short amount of time.

Stop by Paul’s Volvo if you suspect there’s trouble with your vehicle’s suspension.

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