Quickly Brighten Your Headlights

Whether driving at night or during adverse weather conditions, headlights must shine as bright as possible for your visual and the benefit of other drivers. After years of use, headlight coverings become cloudy, scratched or yellowed. However, there are simple DIY methods to restore headlight glass or plastic lenses. For plastic lenses, apply some toothpaste to a wet rag and scrub the lenses. On glass lenses, spray a dry rag with an insect repellent containing DEET. Scrub the headlights for five to 10 minutes until clear. Do not rinse. Remove the chemical using another rag or paper towels.

There are headlight restoration kits available if vehicle owners prefer. If you are unsure what material your lenses are made of, bring the vehicle to Paul’s Volvo. Our technicians will answer your questions and restore the headlights if needed. Trust our service center at Paul’s Volvo in Hawthorne for all of your vehicle needs.

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