Know What to Do During Tire Failure

Taking a stroll down the road and having one or more or your tires go flat can be quite annoying. Are you familiar with what meansures to undertake to ensure that you get to the shoulder lane safely?

If you hear a loud popping sound followed by uneven and rough car movement, your tires could be blown out. Quickly turn on your emergency flashers and check to make sure other drivers notice that you are trying to get over to the roadside. Before you stop on the shoulder, take the added precaution of parking in a spot that drivers can easily see, an area that does not contain any blind corners. Exit through the right doors and open the front hood of your car.

It sounds simple, but the unpredictability of getting a damaged tire can cause some motorists to forget certain steps from being caught up in the moment. That's why you should have them looked at periodically before an accident takes place. At Paul’s Volvo, we welcome you to our service center in Hawthorne, NJ to have your tires inspected by our professional staff. Faulty or worn tires can be changed in no time!

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