Motorweek Has Some Great Things to Say About the 2018 Volvo XC60

Although every reviewer has their nitpicks about a specific model, all the coverage we’ve come across about the 2018 Volvo XC60 has been quite positive. The second generation of the brand’s compact luxury SUV offering, it boasts not only the ubiquitous focus on safety, but luxury, tech, and of course, utility.

The latest review comes from Motorweek, who posted their takeaways in a brief, but informative video on the new XC60. Their first observation is that it’s much like the XC90, only smaller, which is quite high praise. Boasting 63.3 cu-ft of maximum cargo volume in a segment that normally offers in the mid fifties, choices of three powertrains, and comfortable and compliant ride, it already stands out. Add on innovative features like Pilot Assist, the Sensus interface, and the top safety ratings you find on every Volvo model, and you have quite the enticing utility.

Our blog has plenty of coverage of the safety of the new XC60. Watch the videos, read the articles, and if you want to add this new Volvo to your short list, contact our Hawthorne, NJ dealership at your convenience.

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