Dashboard Warning Signs and Their Meaning

The auto industry has evolved since the 1920’s when they were still new. Today, there are advances made in motor cars that show the electric and mechanical malfunctions shown in the dashboard. Some might be confusing, but here at Paul’s Volvo, we can show you what they mean and also solve your automotive concerns. Here are a few warnings you may encounter during your Hawthorne expeditions:

  • Oil Warning Lights: When the oil has low pressure, there is need for you to increase the quantity of the oil. This light typically resembles a drop of oil coming out of a container.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Light: Since some people may forget to fill up their car tires regularly or with the change in seasons, this indicator may help provide a reminder.
  • Battery Charge Warning Light: This light could indicate a couple of things, however most often, you will need to check your battery or replace your alternator.

Visit us at Paul’s Volvo right here in Hawthorne, NJ for your general car repairs and to ensure that your car works as it should during your seasonal adventures.

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