The Importance of Seasonal Maintenance

Summer is over and the colder months are here to stay for a while! Here at Paul's Volvo, we want to remind you to make sure to have essential seasonal maintenance performed on your car to keep it running as well in the cold as it did the hot weather.

The possibility of driving in snowy conditions or driving for long distances to visit relatives for the holidays increases the likelihood that your vehicle may need some maintenance. Whether your car requires fluid changes, windshield wipers, new tires, or something else, don't let your vehicle's needs go unattended.

Tire rotations can also be extremely critical in the colder months. You will want to make sure your tires are working their best when icy and snowy conditions are present.

If you need any type of routine or emergency maintenance performed on your vehicle, stop in at our Hawthorne, NJ location so one of our experts can help you out!

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