Luxury Meets Adventure in the 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country

It's not too difficult to find a car that can handle snow-covered New Jersey winters, gravelly backroads, and poorly-maintained trails up to the ski lodge. There are plenty of options for those seeking an all-wheel drive vehicle.

What is difficult is finding a vehicle with all-weather capability that also meets your standards for comfort and class.

The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country offers the same level of elegance, style, and premium appointments as the rest of Volvo's flagship 90 series, but with the addition of rugged all-road performance.

"Our cars are well-known for their safety, strength and durability. With All-Wheel Drive, increased ride height, and a chassis optimized for comfort and control in all weather and road conditions, the new V90 Cross Country takes our versatile V90 estate and adds the heart of an explorer," said Volvo's Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Peter Mertens.

The 2017 V90 Cross Country is scheduled to debut in Hawthorne this autumn, so keep your eyes on our new inventory, or contact Paul's Volvo for updates.

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