Are Americans Ready for Autonomous Cars? The Survey Says…Sort of!

Ready or not (and truly the results are mixed), it seems that autonomous cars are the way of the future. So, in the interest of seeing how ready we as a society are for the implementation of autonomous driving, Volvo Cars conducted the largest online conversation about autonomous driving, the Future of Driving survey, which garnered responses from nearly 50,000 American drivers. The results are mixed, but certainly interesting.



We’re in an interesting crux here in New Jersey, with the strong majority of New York respondents feeling favorably toward autonomous cars, while only a small majority of Pennsylvania respondents indicated favorable feelings toward autonomous driving. On the other side of the country, California was predictably gung-ho about the advent of autonomous cars, with 86 percent of Californians agreeing that autonomous cars could make life easier (a belief shared by 90 percent of New Yorkers).

What people did seem to agree on, however, concerns the role of government and lawmakers in this whole ordeal; the overwhelming majority—90 percent—of all respondents said that local governments and authorities are moving too slowly to adequately plan for the arrival of autonomous driving. Perhaps the questions shouldn’t be, Are American’s ready for autonomous driving?—perhaps it should be, Are American lawmakers ready for autonomous driving?

“The difference between states regarding the safety benefits of autonomous cars highlights why we need a federal framework for autonomous driving regulations. Volvo believes that autonomous driving vehicles should give you the freedom to choose when you want to drive and when you want to delegate driving to the car. The Future of Driving survey confirmed that consumers seek this freedom as autonomous driving technologies are introduced.” —Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA

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