Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound Rounds Out Volvo S90's Luxury Package

Volvo puts a great deal of thought in how to adapt to changing ideas of luxury. One thing that is clear is that a luxury experience is about finding what makes people happy, and pleasing the senses.

In crafting the new Volvo S90, Volvo has worked to create visually appealing exteriors and interiors. Supple leather, solid wood, and a silky-smooth ride quality appease your tactile senses.

What about aural enjoyment?

We're talking about what goes into your ears. If you're like most Hawthorne, NJ drivers, you can't stomach a morning commute without your favorite music or radio show.

The Bowers & Wilkins 19-speaker sound system takes the audio experience to the next level, with immersive surround sound, ultra-low harmonic distortion, and a frequency range that can sink as deep or soar as high as live music.

Visit Paul's Volvo to learn more, and test drive an all-around luxurious new vehicle.

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