Volvo invents a new way to power its new twin-engine T8 XC90

The best things in life really are free. Today, Volvo premiered its new "Highway Robbery" spot, aimed at highlighting the capabilities of its all-new twin-engine T8 XC90. This new XC90 represents a paradigm shift for Volvo and the auto industry. Being the first seven-seat, plug-in hybrid to hit market carries with it a lot of expectation. People are expecting this vehicle to be not only efficient, but just as powerful and capable as its gas-guzzling cousins among the competition. With this new video, Volvo proves the XC90 can be all that and more.

By hooking the XC90 up to a specially engineered strip of road that generates power for a charging station, the new XC90 was able to charge up for free, solely using power that other cars on the road were simply spending. Some might call this thievery, but Volvo was kind enough to put up an electronic billboard thanking the passing drivers for their contributions individually. Volvo has essentially leveraged the power other vehicles were spending to power its own. How neat is that?

The XC90 isn't just efficient though, it's powerful as well. Under the hood it's got about 400 horsepower, a figure almost unheard of in electric and hybrid vehicles of its size! While this vehicle won't be hitting market for another couple months, stop by Paul's Volvo today to schedule a test drive and find out more about this unique hybrid SUV!

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