Volvo S90 Will Offer Refinement that Can Only Come From Virtual Reality

Have you ever tried a driving simulation? It's sort of like driving a real car, but not quite. You've never driven a simulation quite like this one, though. There are only three VI-Grade chassis simulators of this quality in the world, and Volvo has one of them.

Installation of this new simulator completed on October 7th at Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden. It is a brand new dynamic platform that simulates not just high-quality graphics, but chassis movements as well, allowing the automaker to adjust vehicle dynamics and ride quality.

Why go through so much effort?

Volvo is pushing hard to make the new 90 series the best vehicles on the road. The Volvo XC90 crossover SUV is already making waves with its superior interior design, exterior beauty, and intelligent safety features.

With the help of virtual reality, the new S90 sedan will roar onto the market as one of the most refined rides available.

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