Volvo Gives Safety a Whole New Meaning

Here at Paul's Volvo we have always been impressed by Volvo's dedication to safety. And now that it is working towards a future devoid of car crashes, we are more impressed than ever. How is Volvo planning to eliminate car accidents? Watch the video below to find out.

As you can see, the future of road safety is pretty impressive. These vehicles use computers, lasers, and other great technology to monitor their surroundings so they can make safe and accurate driving moves. This technology is so accurate that it responds to traffic conditions and unexpected obstacles more quickly than people do. It sounds like a crash-free future is entirely possible with these vehicles.

This technology isn't available yet, but while we wait, we would be happy to show you the other technology currently available in our new Volvo models. Just stop by our dealership here in Hawthorne, NJ at any time.

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