What This Google Lead Designer Loves About the Volvo XC90

Isabelle Olsson lives and breathes beauty. It's not only her job in designing new innovations like Google Glass, it's also her passion. She takes the new Volvo XC90 out for a spin.

Olsson believes that a car should whisk the driver away into a moment of peaceful serenity. It can accomplish this through design, by having a whisper-quiet cabin that allows you to escape from the harsh noises of the outside world, and further blanketing you in your favorite music from a rich sound system.

Then there is the appearance of the cabin. Just like the presentation of food can affect your perception of flavor, the quality of a vehicle's interior can make or break your mood. Real wood accents, supple leather, and elegant details create a comforting ambiance.

You can do more than take Olsson's word for it. Come visit us for a test drive at Paul's Volvo in Hawthorne, NJ. Looking for something a little smaller, but just as gorgeous? We also have an entire new Volvo inventory.

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