Volvo's Goal: No Car Collisions in 2020.

Collisions in traffic are inevitable. No matter how safe a driver you are, there are thousands of people on the road. Some may be tired, or distracted by a cellular phone. Even drunk.

We're human. We don't have eyes on the backs of our heads, as much as we'd like our kids to think we do. We can react fast enough to everything that could happen. So how is it that Volvo thinks there will be no more car accidents in five years?

Volvo started with the 2016 Volvo XC90, to be released in the US this spring, which has the best standard active safety package of the Volvo lineup. They added on to the XC90's IntelliSafe package, giving it even more cameras, more sensors, and two computers.

The result?

A vehicle that watches every point on the road, from close-up bits of road debris, to mid-range surrounding traffic, and lane markers, to wide ranged scans for pedestrians, cross-traffic at intersections, and even road signs.

Unlike a human, which can only watch one part of the road at a time, the self-driving car is constantly monitoring the entire 360° view of the road. In the time it would take for a human's eyes to detect an obstacle in the road, to send that message to the brain, for the brain to process the situation, and send a message to your body to hit the brake.... the car's computer brain would have already responded and stopped the car.

Sorry, human beings, robots are faster than us. And the difference can save lives. That's why Volvo hopes that by 2020, their entire new vehicle lineup will be so advanced that no one will ever be devastated by an accident again.

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