Volvo Has Changed The World Twice. At Least

Volvo has been around since 1927. It's much younger than some other car companies that sprang up in the late 1800's, yet in its time, it has changed the face of the auto industry on two separate occasions.

In 1976, Volvo made a historic breakthrough for the environment. Exhaust emissions are a big environmental problem, but in the 70's, they were much worse.

Volvo created the Lambdasonde, or oxygen probe, that allowed emissions to be reduced 90%. The California Air Resources Board called this, "The most significant breakthrough ever made in the control of vehicle exhaust emissions" Two years later, they would name Volvo "USA'S Cleanest Car."

Now, just about every single car uses an oxygen probe to reduce its harmful emissions. Volvo changed the world.

In 1959, Volvo created the 3-point seat belt. This invention was more comfortable and more effective than the traditional lap-belt, which was often disused, and could rupture organs in a crash.

They saw the life-saving potential of this invention, and opened up the patents, so any automaker could incorporate the design into their cars. Now, the 3-point belt is required in all cars. Volvo changed the world.

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