Volvo Paints to Save Lives

Here in Hawthorne, NJ, we share the road with cyclists, and everyone wants to make sure we're all safe as we coexist. With Volvo vehicles, you know they are built with safety in mind, and the Volvo has been leading the way when it comes to safety for years now. They've extended that to bikers, too.

With Volvo LifePaint, cyclists can put this clear paint on their clothes, bike, or helmet, and it will be clear in the daylight, but light up at night to act as reflector gear. It comes off, and is very versatile, as the video above shows us. We think it is great, because it will allow for greater visibility of bikers at night, so everyone is safe.

Here at Paul's Volvo, we hope this simple technology takes off. In the meantime, you can stop in and check out our collection of safe and luxurious new Volvo models, and arrange test drives.

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