Why Do You Drive?

Irvin Gordon, a 74-year-old native of Long Island, has 3 million reasons to drive a Volvo. Already a Guinness Book record-holder for surpassing 1.69 million miles in 1998, Gordon knocked that record out of the park when the odometer of his 1966 Volvo P1800 hit 3,000,000 miles in September of 2013. He passed the magical mile mark on a scenic highway in Alaska, one of only two U.S. states he hadn't visited.

His secret? Obsessively routine maintenance, one brand of oil for consistency, and factory equipment parts. To date, his car has seen almost 900 oil changes and more than 30 drive belts. Not to mention countless trips to the gas station. But, to him, the miles aren't as important as the memory-filled trips that got him there. Watch below to see the 3 Million Mile car in action.

Gordon says he would be willing to sell the car--for a few million dollars, of course. Asking price is $1 per mile.

At Paul's Volvo, our prices are a bit more reasonable. Take the first mile of your own million. Visit our showroom at 990 Goffle Road to see our full inventory of new Volvos to get you started on the trip of a lifetime. A lifetime with Volvo.


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