Get the Full View of the Volvo Concept Estate

At Paul's Volvo we've been waiting to see the Volvo Concept Estate in its full form. This vehicle is the final model in their Concept Trilogy which has included a bold coupe and a stylish, white crossover with hints of orange detailing. For some time we thought the final car would be a sedan, but after some great teaser shots we realized it would have a shooting-brake body.

There is a lot to admire about this model, like the blunt headlights, the aggressive wheels, and the sculpted nose. Inside we enjoyed the pedals and the see-through case that holds the Swedish game called Viking Chest; if this Concept ever sees production the American version would have to have a case for horse shoes.

At our Hawthorne, NJ location we may not have this beautiful model, but we have the equally lovely 2015 Volvo V60 Wagon already in our showroom. Contact us for more information on this new vehicle or stop in to see us.

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