Salt Never Sleeps

When winter waves goodbye at ;sat, say hello to come crucial spring cleaning.

Low Sodium
For most folks, a car represents a sizable investment. To protect its value, do your automobile and your blood pressure a favor - opt for low salt. Over the long term, sodium chloride constitutes an insidious road hazard that hides in plain sight. Celebrate winter's end by driving to your favorite car wash to rinse away all the salt that's accumulated on your undercarriage. Like the arrival of spring, the sooner the better!

Seeing id Believing
Today Car Fax records any police addict reports and insurance claims involving your vehicle. Such Car Fax reports will lower the resale value of your automobile, even if the accident is relatively modest. There's a big difference between minor and major bodywork. So we recommend that you take a photograph of the damage before your car is repaired. When you seek to resell your car, a picture is worth a thousand words. This same slogan applies to Botticelli's depiction of Spring, who arrive officially on Thursday. Finally.


As an added convenience, we are offering a spring coupon for wheel alignment, which will make those long-awaited spring and summer trips smoother. Thanks for being a loyal Paul's customer. 

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