Lost and Found

 It's not your grandfather's car key.

Play it Again, Sam...
In fact, those cars featuring keyless entry boast a Personal Car Communicator! Let's name her Samantha, in honor of the virtual heroine voiced by Scarlett Johansson in the movie Her. Call it anything you like -- key, remote, PCC -- you do need one to enter and operate your car.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
First the good news: Your car is virtually impossible to steal.
Next the bad news: The hi-tech keys that frustrate thievery are costly to enlace. Anyone who has ever lost a car key in a New York City parking garage knows that things can get ugly fast. Recall Richard III's famous last words: "My kingdom for a horseless carriage!"

To Open the Door, Richard,
Have a spare set of keys tucked away. Irv Gordon -- who has driven his vintage Volvo a whopping three million miles -- says, "One key is in my pocket, and the other one is hanging on a hook at home. Always."
What if two people drive the same car?
A: Make a third set of keys and keep it in a safe place. One day the investment will be worth it's weight in gold. 

Key Note
Get in the habit of putting your key in the same place  every time you leave your car. Repeat this ritual until it becomes second nature. That's key. 
<irv picture>

Let us know if this tip unlocks happy trails for you. Hope so!
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