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     On Monday,  June 9th, the Hawthorne Environmental Commission will honor Paul Korzinski, Sr., for incorporating environmental practices and values into his business model.
     Paul has long viewed the world through a green lens.  As board member and past president of Paul's Volvo, he has served on Volvo's environmental committee and on an ad-hoc solar energy group as well.
    The dealership that is located at the corner of Goffle Road and Lafayette Avenue has seen many makes and models roll through its doors for almost a century.
    The shop and showroom were renovated in 2007 to reflect Paul's environmental values.  The new car showroom includes skylights that minimize energy consumption, and the building itself is positioned to take advantage of the westerly breezes that blow down from surrounding hillsides.
     Since the showroom faces east, the sun helps heat it in the winter.  Passive solar greenhouse collectors were installed in the early 70's providing additional clean heat.
     In Paul's shop,  his hydraulic lifts use vegetable oil--and earth-friendly alternative to traditional mineral oil.
     Paul is also very fond of trees, which help clean the air.  He has planted hardy black locust trees around the edge and within the two-and-a-half acre property.  These trees wend their way along Goffle Road past the fire station and ambulance corp building.
     A great believer in recycling automobiles, Paul chose the Volvo franchise because of the car's well-earned reputation for safety and longevity.  He explains,
"Volvos last a long time.  It's important to take care of them so you don't squander all the natural resources that went into their construction."
     Volvo is proud of the fact that their cars are 85% recyclable even after they finally come off the road.
     Paul Korzinski is an avid hiker whose love for the environment has been a core value throughout his long life.  He encourages young people to seek careers in environmental fields where opportunities abound.  "After all, that's the future," he concludes with a wink.
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Paul Korzinski Jr
Go dad!!!! You so deserve this!!!!
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Martha Steinbach
Congratulations, Paul. I am so happy that you are being recognized. Nobody deserves it more. I would like to add, as a 30+ year customer, that your care for your customers rivals your care of the environment. We love you.
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catherine petriello
wonderful cause, you have proven you can run a business
and still have a great cause. continued success
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