Volvo Creates Innovative Hybrid Battery System

Let's face it: the batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles are rather clunky and expensive. Even with improvements in weight and cost over the past few years, there's got to be a better solution, right? Automaker Volvo certainly thinks so! The brand recently created a new system to power electric vehicles, and it's quite intriguing.

Utilizing a standard Volvo S80, Volvo built a vehicle that grabs its power from carbon fiber panels on its hood, trunk and door panels instead of a clunky battery. The layers of polymer-infused carbon fiber work with super capacitors embedded in the vehicle to charge the vehicle.

Of course, the project is still in its beginning phases, and it's not without its drawbacks. Though carbon very is tough, some parts of a vehicle are specifically designed to collapse during a collision to absorb the energy from impact and protect occupants. This means that if a collision did occur, that means that the more expensive carbon fiber panels would have to be replaced. Emergency crews could also face challenges dealing with the new structure/materials.

Volvo has yet to announce when it will use the technology in a production vehicle, but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

You can check out how the new system works here, and let Paul's Volvo know what you think! We'll be sure to keep you up to date on the progress of the new project here on our Paul's Volvo blog. In the meantime, we invite you to check out the innovative technologies seen on the current new Volvo vehicles available at our showroom in beautiful Hawthorne, NJ.

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