Volvo C30 Reaches Full Charge in Under Three Hours

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, automakers are rushing to be the first to refine and perfect them. Volvo recently ended a successful study in which it tested a number of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles. One of these systems has the ability to fully charge the new, all-electric Volvo C30 in less than three hours.

Volvo describes the new charging system with words such as "safe," "effective," and "comfortable." The system utilizes induction coils located on the vehicle and the platform, which work with electromagnetic waves to produce electricity.

Volvo has been working closely with company Siemens to create efficient and affordable electric-drive components, and the brand hopes the study will lead to specific standards surrounding wireless charging of these vehicles.

Lennart Stegland, Vice President of the Electric Propulsion System at Volvo Car Group, explains the potential of these types of systems, stating, "Inductive charging has great potential. Cordless technology is a comfortable and effective way to conveniently transfer energy. The study also indicates that it is safe. There is not yet any common standard for inductive charging. We will continue our research and evaluate the feasibility of the technology in our hybrid and electric car projects."1

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