Jean-Claude Van Damme Demonstrates Volvo's Commitment to Safety

Jean-Claude Van Damme may be known for movies like Timecop and Street Fighter, but the martial artist/actor recently made his viral internet debut alongside two Volvo trucks. While Van Damme's star power is certainly enough to gather some hits on YouTube, it was the stunt that he performed that really glued the world's collective eyes to their computer screens.

Specifically, Van Damme performed a split, resting his feat on the side mirrors of two Volvo trucks that were driving reverse. The trucks start out close together, but then slowly move apart, allowing Van Damme to perform a full split between the two. The purpose of this amazing and dangerous stunt: to show off the latest iteration of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

To say that the video did a good job of this would be a severe understatement. If either truck were to veer off course -- even slightly -- Van Damme would likely have lost his balance, but the two trucks stayed perfectly in sync with each other throughout the 1:17 duration.

Clearly, the world agrees with us in how amazing the whole thing is as the video has gathered over 48 million views online already, and that number is still going up.

Honestly, though, we here at Paul's Volvo cannot decide what's more impressive: Van Damme's balance or the stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering. That being said, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Be sure to watch the video on YouTube -- available here: -- and then leave our Hawthorne, NJ dealership a comment below.

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