Volvo Shoots Video on the Go with Custom XC60

To capture the amazingness of all new Volvo vehicles, and showcase them to the world, you need cameras, and a crack team of video experts. Volvo has both, and to make sure they get the best footage possible, they have an amazing custom rig that we have to share with drivers in Hawthorne, NJ.

It's a six-wheeled off-roader that has a long bed, tripods, harnesses, and camera gear attached along the back, and a live video feed via monitors behind the two front seats for the director to view. You probably wouldn't know you're staring at a Volvo XC60 when you look at it.

That's right, the Swedish automaker lopped off the top from the back seats forward, gave it an extended wheelbase, added two wheels, and made a rolling camera car that can shoot all the action for promotional videos, and much more. Whether it's on the tarmac with a Volvo S80 zooming by, or in the wilderness with the XC90, you'll always get the best angle in the custom XC60 camera car.

It all results in some visually stunning ads, billboards, and commercials will likely be the inspiration for you to stop in and check out a new Volvo at Paul's Volvo today. We'd be happy to go over each model with you in greater detail, while also answering any questions you might have, and setting up test drives at your convenience.

If you're currently being inspired by a Volvo, make sure it stays that way with a visit to our auto repair and maintenance department, who can take care of all your service needs, keeping you safe and confident on the road at all times.

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