Iconic Volvo Wagon Featured in Jerry Seinfeld's Web Series

"What's the deal with the Volvo 960 station wagon? I mean, they haven't made them since 1998 and they're still all over the road?"

Ok, so that was our Jerry Seinfeld impression. Perhaps it doesn't translate in blog-form or maybe we should just leave the jokes to him. Either way, we only brought it up because the car in the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is David Letterman's 1995 960.

It's no ordinary wagon, however. Apparently Paul Newman was having one assembled for himself, fit with a 5.0-liter V8 engine. So he did what any gearhead would do; he called up Dave letterman to see if he wanted one, too. Apparently, the late night talk show host has been so happy with the vehicle that he still drives it today.

That seems to be a common theme among many Hawthorne, NJ Volvo drivers. Not necessarily the custom-built bit, though our Parts Center is always here to help if you want to make a few tweaks to your ride. We were referring to the driving-it-for-over-a-decade part of Letterman's story.

That's really the best argument for checking out a new Volvo--it should stick around long enough for you to collect quite a few amusing anecdotes about it. Who knows? Maybe you'll even assemble enough entertaining material to grab a cup of coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

Although the 960 is no longer produced, it has served as the precursor to the very capable Volvo XC60. Built upon a solid foundation, you know that this wagon is up to task, too. To get a better look at the model, or any new Volvo for that matter, stop into Paul's Volvo and our sales staff would be happy to show you around. We can even talk about the features over a cup of coffee.

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