Because so many drivers are distracted and rushed when the old year winds up to its frenzied, departing pitch, holiday driving can be very challenging. We advise you to be particularly mindful during this festive but dangerous season. And so we encourage you to turn off your cell phone and really pay attention to the road and to the other drivers around you. Give yourself the gift of a Silent Night.

Nose so Bright
And do keep in mind that tipsy holiday drivers may not be the only ones sporting a bright red nose. Watch out for a surprise appearance by Rudolph and friends wherever you see those "Deer Crossing" signs. No kidding!

Thank you all for being such loyal customers "to our dealership." We really so appreciate your patronage over the years . A lot goes into the servicing and sale of your vehicle and it's nice to know that you value us as much as we value our relationship with you. 

Happy Holidays! 
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