Try a Little Tenderness

Let's face it: during this busy holiday season you can't hustle if these don't swing.

Try a little tenderness.
In winter your windshield wipers take a beating, but a little care can extend their performance.   After every storm, before you start your car, clear your wipers of snow and ice.  To do this, gently lift the wiper blade away from the windshield, breaking the frozen crust that binds your wiper to the glass. This prolongs the life of your wiper motor.  Clearing the ice from the windshield also helps keep the wipers in good shape.
     If wipers start to streak it may be time to replace them; but before you do, check the rubber edge of the blade to see if it simply needs to be cleaned off.  A little acetone (found in nail polish remover) will do the trick.  Because diesel exhaust fumes degrade the rubber, if you do a lot of highway driving, it's best to change the blades every winter.
 I can see clearly now.

    As a special service during this festive season, feel free to stop by our shop and we'll check the condition of your car's windshield wipers. Saturday mornings are usually a quiet time and we generally have a couple of techs on hand who can perform this quick and easy task.  So don't let wet winter weather obscure the view.  Check your windshield wipers today!
     We are now halfway through our holiday-gift-quick-tip-series. We hope you find our suggestions helpful.  Please let us know!

A tip for our friend, 3 million mile man, Irv Gordon:
Every time he washes his car, Irv Gordon puts a coat of RainX on his windshields. This protective shield dramatically improves your wet weather driving visibility.
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