This Little Light of Mine

Fire & Ice
It's been a long, tough slough. Trudging to your car you saw it was covered with snow and ice. You reached for your remote in order to unlock the door, and discovered that your battery died in the cold. So you'll have to open the car manually. You reach for your metal key, only to find that all the locks are frozen shut. How could water get in there, you wonder. Could it have been the recent car wash? More urgently, what's to be done about it? A de-icer springs to mind, but no, since it's locked inside the car. Though you've called for assistance, it will be quite a while before help arrives. So what's a shivering and tired commuter to do?

This Little Light of Mine
When all else fails, flick your Bic. Hold the lighter's flame to the metal portion of the key for 20 seconds, Now the heated key can be inserted into the frozen lock, and quick as you can say, "open sesame", you're in. 

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